Wonderful Ghent experience Частный гид Анна Мощевитина — отзыв туриста

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Частный гид Анна Мощевитина
Wonderful Ghent experience We had a lovely Ghent walking tour with Anna. Anna is a very pleasant person to interact with. With her, there is no need in breaking ice, from the first moment of the conversation, it feels like you are talking to a friend. Anna’s knowledge of the city and its history is impressive. You realize that when after having visited all the impressive squares and cathedrals you find yourself walking through inconspicuous alleys, and even bars, hearing all about remarkable events, that took place throughout the history of this truly beautiful city Anna doesn’t just mention all the dates and facts, she also has a dialogue with you. She neatly places the facts of town history into the wider perspective of the history of the region and the whole Western Europe. Our tour with Anna was a delight and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to get the most out of their Ghent experience.
18 февраля 2018
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